Embedding Flash Video with Dreamweaver is Just an Easy Gam September 29, 2014 at 12:46 pm

Embedding Flash Video with Dreamweaver is Just an Easy Gam
Online videos have generated high amount of revenues for some bellwether video sharing sites. If you search online, you will find such video sharing sites which also allow you to give link from your web site to your video on such sites. But how about you controlling every nuance of this video sharing game? With the use of Dreamweaver you can also embed a video clip into your web page thus helping your site getting more recognition. With customized display skin adorned by your original content, you can bring in solid business impact to your site C Flash cs3 designers can be of immense help for you in this matter.

With the help of Dreamweaver, you can also customize the display, player interface, background color and start volume of your video clip. By embedding video to your site, you can also incorporate QuickTime movies, Windows media as well as Real Media video. As an alternative to relying on sites like YouTube for hosting and compressing your video, you can easily use your own FLV file. One very effective way to produce FLV video is to use Flash video encoder under the guidance of a Flash site design expert. When you are done with your FLV video, by following these tips you can embed it in Dreamweaver thus defining a customized player:

To open the Insert Flash Video dialog box click Insert > Media > Flash.
Choose Progressive Download Video from the Video Type pop-up menu unless you are working with a special streaming server.
To detect the size of the video, click the Detect Size button.
Using the Skin Pop-up menu, you can select a player control set.

A Flash web designer also uses SWF (Movies) into a site. After the Flash video is embedded, using the Property inspector, designers can adjust parameters so as to design a Flash as needed. For Flash web designers, embedding Flash video using Dreamweaver is not that big a task.

A Preview of Evony the “Free Forever” Web Game August 29, 2014 at 7:52 pm

A Preview of Evony the “Free Forever” Web Game
With the Evony ads flashing on practically every conceivable page on the internet, almost everyone is intrigued for sure – be it a school-going kid or the corner-room executive in his business suit. Being a World Of Warcraft addict, I invariably skipped the ad, until I strongly felt the urge to give it a try. Essentially a browser-based strategy game, the moment you sign up and start playing, you quickly start wondering why was I intrigued with all those over-sized boob with the mid-riff displayed all over, repeated signs of domination, and the term ‘discreet’ sprinkled all over. You will be surprised (pleasantly, as I was), there is none of those scintillating stuff in the game. The purpose of the game is to let you build a city at your own pace. You have full control of your own city, and you keep expanding it by acquiring resources, conquering portions of the land, trading and it goes on. The intrigue really is in the classic use of free in-game resources and that makes Evony pretty interesting. Graphics are mildly low but yet pleasing to the eye and the designers have ensured you do not dislike it at any stage in the game. The best plus is, you are not under any time pressure at any of the stages, and you can keep coming back to the game at your own pace and convenience. One flaw I currently see in the game is when you first start; there is not much interaction with other players you intend to play with. Your city is picked in a random location, you are given a city teleporter but that is also random. Further on the game you’ll receive an advance city teleporter which then you can move your city near friends if empty lots permit. Last but not least, the medals are too difficult to acquire in which you’ll be more or less forced to spend money in order to play aggressively and compete with others. After a few days of play time, I can say the game is very enjoyable and the fact that I do not need to spend a whole lot of hours on it is very ideal to me. I spend most of my day in front of the computer and alt tabbing to hit build or attack once in a while is a relief from work. If you’re the type that really enjoys Civilization and Age of Empires type of games but wish it could’ve been with 100 other players then this might work just for you. Final Conclusion – If you don’t mind forking out some money then this game is definitely worth playing but otherwise, there are many other games that are free and just as good. Overall, this is a fantastic strategy game, and it would suit gamers of all ages and profiles. Perhaps the strategy of flashing those intriguing ads was a perfect marketing gimmick, and I am sure this will rope in a large number of mainstream gamers.

Math Bingo Game July 27, 2014 at 10:37 am

Math Bingo Game
Many people think of bingo as a purely leisure activity, but it is also true that modified versions of bingo are now being used in schools and education as a teaching aid. Variations of the game can be used in teaching a wide range of different school subjects including reading, vocabulary, English, foreign languages, and math.

As you probably are already aware, the standard game of bingo is played using bingo cards containing numbers. The bingo caller reads out numbers, and the players have to mark off the corresponding squares on their cards. Math bingo is basically played in the same way, with the teacher acting as the bingo caller. There is however one important differences, the numbers on the cards are not the usual bingo numbers but instead the answers to a range of math problems chosen by the teacher. Then, instead of calling out the numbers, the teacher calls out the math problems, and students’ task is solve the problem and find the corresponding number square on their card.

A variety of different math topics can be covered in this way. For example, additions, subtractions, multiplication and divisions. It is also possible to teach rounding, decimals and fractions. Moreover the problems can be as easy or as hard as the teacher chooses, for example a square containing “1.5″ could be the answer to any of these questions: “What is one and a half as decimal?”, “What is 1.48 rounded to one decimal place?”, or “What is 9 divided by 6?”

Obviously in order to play math bingo, the teacher will need a set of bingo cards containing the appropriate numbers for their lesson plan. Fortunately these do not have to be written out by hand, but can be quickly and simply prepared using a computer and a bingo card generator program.

Antivirus 360 Is Not a Fun Game to Play June 25, 2014 at 1:03 am

Antivirus 360 Is Not a Fun Game to Play
The risks Internet users face with Antivirus 360, are not to be trifled with. In recent years rogue applications have exploded from just a few to over four hundred, but Antivirus 360 might be one of the more dangerous ones to come out.

It is not just Antivirus 360 that poses such a terrible risk. There are 28 other rogues in the MS Antivirus family that are just as dangerous. Those that have been infected with any of the parasites in the MS Antivirus family learned quickly that standard virus protection software is not enough.

When a computer gets infected the first thing that usually happens is the computers standard virus protection software is block. This is done with the help of a Trojan. There are countless ways for Trojans to get onto a computer, but the most common way is on unscrupulous websites.

After the Trojan blocks the standard virus protection it will generally start downloading malware. Most users never even know that their computers have been compromised until they restart their computer and start getting various popups. In the case of Antivirus 360 all of these popups are bogus and none of the files listed as threats are actually on the computer.

Along with the bogus scans the rogue will also display a popup telling the computer user that they need to buy a full version on the software to eliminate the threats. Because all the threats are fake it should be obvious that buying a full version will not help. Those that might have paid for a full version of Antivirus 360 will only end up with more malware on their computers. All the bogus scans and lists of threats will continue as long as Antivirus 360 remains installed.

Manually removing this type of program is no easy feat. There are dozens of infected file associated with this rogue application and all of them need to be removed before restarting the computer. There are also changes made to the computers registry that must be edited. Computer users that do not how to properly edit their computers registry should get help.

The best way to remove Antivirus 360 is to use a 100% guaranteed malware removal and protection tool. There is a great variety of malware removal tools, but whatever you do, never settle for one that is not 100% guaranteed to remove Antivirus 360 as well as all other types of malware.

Multiplication Bingo Game May 25, 2014 at 12:35 pm

Multiplication Bingo Game
Multiplication is an important math skill that children need to learn. Like most mathematical and arithmetical skills it improves with practice – however while practice is important, it needs to be done in a way that is interesting for students, as in that case they tend to pay more attention, learn more quickly, and retain more of what they have learned.

One activity that many teachers have introduced into their classrooms is bingo. The idea is to have a fun activity that students will enjoy, but nevertheless assists with learning. This is done by adapting the standard game of bingo to help teach multiplication (bingo can also be easily adapted to teaching other math topics such as additions, subtractions, division, fractions, decimals and rounding). The way multiplication bingo is played is:

1. Before class, the teacher selects a set of multiplication problems. The problems can be as easy or as hard as the teacher likes – they can range for simple “times tables” up to complicated long multiplication problems. The are really no restrictions, although it is best to choose problems each of which has a different answer.

2. The teacher prepares a set of bingo cards (one per student) containing the answers to the problems. Please note, these do not need to be prepared by hand, but can be easily made using a computer and some bingo card maker software.

3. The class then plays bingo, with the teacher taking the role of the bingo caller. However, instead of calling out the numbers on the cards, the teacher instead calls out the problems. The student’s goal is to solve each problem and see if the answer appears on their bingo card.

Video Game Design Program at Game Design Schools April 20, 2014 at 1:42 pm

Video Game Design Program at Game Design Schools
The entertainment field is actually the most lucrative and growing industry we have today. Due to this there has been an increase in the demand for skilled personnel in the entertainment world. Video game enthusiasts have been given an opportunity to study video game design in an in depth manner. The communications field has created opportunities for people interested in this field by coming up with animation productions.

There is a game design school where you can get to know about what the field encompasses. The video game design has the following modules in which one gets to learn about: user interface design, interactive application design, product design, audio and video editing, game development, web design and industrial visualization. The best thing about the game design programs is that they are engaging and anyone with an interest in the arts can do them successfully. The digital arts programs are categorized into many disciplines meaning that there is a wide scope of subjects that a learner gets to know of. The subjects are namely: illustration, traditional drawing, graphic design, sculpter, 3D modelling, story development, sound design, animation video, story telling, media integration and storyboarding

The video game design programs offered at a game design school are technical and they come in applied courses. These video design programs which are utilized by companies which embrace an integrated media and are usually structured in such a way that they allow the learners focus and specialize in a specific area. If your interest is in video editing then you can choose to pursue video editing which is your area of interest.

To take up these packages of video game design you have to have web design skills like web interface and fundamental programming graphics. These are the concepts required for any students aspiring to do the course. The video game design Students are usually introduced to the graphics, concepts, strategies and terminologies required in order to understand the whole subject .A student is usually accredited with a bachelor of science in Digital Art and Animation and a Bachelor of Science in Digital Audio Technology.

Think about becoming a Game Designer March 22, 2014 at 11:07 pm

Think about becoming a Game Designer
Have you ever thought about becoming a game designer? It sure sounds like an exciting experience creating all the animations and graphics. Well, thousands of people all over the world have been fascinated by the making and designing of video games. This has been accentuated by the rate at which students have been enrolling for game design courses at many a California game design college. The colleges in California offer the best design coursework in the country.

The average California game design college is fast paced to meet the challenge of the ever-changing game development industry. The college teaches you to develop games that can be loved and enjoyed by all people. The game design school course includes traditional drawing, sculpture, graphic design, illustration, 3D drawing, animation, media integration, story boarding, and story telling. The technical and applied courses prepare the individual to refine their skills and work to a particular area of interest.

The areas of concentration are in 3D animation, game development, entertainment design, and modeling. Students are required to have basic web skills for the game design school just like in the other digital art programs. The students are taught on languages, concepts, and graphics strategies that are essential to develop excellent web designs that are based on solid interface knowledge and integration.

In general, the students are taught in the game design school how to design video games that you see in the ordinary stores and on the internet. They are also taught how to market the video game product as salaried employees as well as generating profits from transactions made from their individual products.

The video game industry is constantly changing with the incorporation of new ideas and imagination into digital formats that draw fans into purchasing sequels. The entertainment industry has a great demand for digital artists and California game design college is ready to gear the students towards this venture. Apart from designing video games, these artists can get career opportunities in other fields such as content creation, web design, audio and video editing, animation etc. This field of study will surely transform your life from being dull and boring to be fun filled in playing games and making money.

The Best Strategy For Mafia Wars Facebook February 17, 2014 at 5:29 am

The Best Strategy For Mafia Wars Facebook
In this article you will find some useful tips and strategies for quickly leveling your character, getting loads of energy, protecting your properties, getting the best weapons and becoming rich quickly.

In the end, you will learn about the secret strategies in Mafia Wars Game which are used by the leading players often known as Godfathers. Nearly every player thinks about the best strategy for playing Mafia Wars game. It is now available on platforms like Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo and Iphone. Tagged.com has also recently started running this game on their site.

Well, there are many methods of becoming rich and famous on Mafia Wars facebook or myspace game. You should build a big mafia. I will tell you how you can do the same. You should go to the zynga forums and check out the thread where people request other player to add them into their mafias. They list their profile URLs in the forums.

You can just copy the URLs and then add those people as friends. Add them to Mafia Wars group of friends and send them a message saying that you want them to be a part of their mafia wars family. Thus you will get lots of members in just a few days.

Finally you can protect your money by buying properties and depositing it in the bank. Some players do not like depositing the money in the bank because they do not like the 10% fees charged by the bank. But you can stop yourself from getting robbed by other players if you have your money safe.

You can also make your properties safer by having a bigger mafia and getting shields. You should gift good weapons and vehicles to your friends so that they can help you easily.

Once you are level 35 in the game, you should visit Cuba. You will find the best weapons there. You will also get chances to get load of experience in Cuba.

Finally you can increase the rate at which you gain experience. Initially you can do the “Bank Heist” job which gives the maximum experience. After you reach level 100, you should do the job “Settle A Beef Permanently”. Thus you will gain the experience faster.

You should also use most of your skill points in increasing your energy limits so that you can level faster in Mafia Wars. The best property is Mafia Mike. It is also a secure property. You should buy as many as you can. It depends upon the number of mafia members you have. Regarding the weapons, you should buy only those which have good attack points. Don’t waste money buying useless weapons. Energy packs are very useful in the game and you should use them cautiously.

So you learned a strategy to rise in Mafia Wars Game whether you are playing in Facebook applications, Myspace, Tagged, Yahoo or on your Iphone. You can follow the above tips.

In addition to the above Strategies, there are other real Secret Methods and Strategies which are used by the powerful and richest players usually called Godfathers.

Online Game crime – Does it Happen? January 15, 2014 at 3:48 am

Online Game crime – Does it Happen?
I’m afraid that online game crime does happen and is much more common than you would imagine. I recently read a story about a young girl who played a very popular online game, she spoke a lot with friend who slowly became rather infatuated.

One day the girl said to her friend ” give me your password to prove how much you love me.” The young boy duly agreed and was rather horrified to find out later that the object of his affections and transferred all his online money, gold and equipment to her own character.

Would you class this as theft?

The girl certainly didn’t think so, citing the fact it was only a game. However the sale of online possessions is a huge ‘real world’ business which grosses millions of dollars every year. There was no real world financial gain in this case however there easily could have been as the online proceeds of this cruel act could easily have been sold.

Still hopefully our young victim has learn a valuable life lesson without any real damage. He won’t be the last to fall for this sort of ploy on or offline I’m sure.

It is a real danger though, each year thousands of viruses and trojans are written specifically to steal the passwords of online gamers everywhere. If you have ever logged in to any of the online games then you’ve probably come across people offering to sell gold or possessions at very low prices. It is big business and your accounts are at risk be careful with them.

We might laugh at the poor victim of an alleged cyber mugging – but the player in these games invest huge parts of their lives in their online personnas. In fact many of them would handle being robbed in real life better than having their online goods stolen.

Be careful with your accounts and never, ever give away your passwords to anyone online, even if you love them !

Flash Game Development: All you need to know! December 11, 2013 at 7:02 am

Flash Game Development: All you need to know!
Did you know that in the year 2000, the console game outpaced the Hollywood movies both in gross and in net profit? And the outcome was reflected in the form of game based movies that Hollywood released in 2001. Such is the tremendous effect of games on masses and these games are the result of Macromedia Flash MX. Flash game development has captured the interest of the masses ever since its inception. This is because the games are known to be addictive, one becomes glued to it and that works in the favour of the developer and the website. The basic software for multimedia driven websites is Flash and needless to say, the gaming industry is growing exponentially with each passing day.

If you are a flash game developer, here are some tips that you must follow while developing a Flash based game. Remember, netizens dont wait while playing. They need their games ready and available all round the clock. So the foremost tip is to develop games which wont take ages to get downloaded. It will not be liked by the users as they want the immediate games with more action. Secondly, if you make your games more complex, it will not serve the purpose. Keep your games simple, yet thrilling that advance with levels and then finally end on the last level. Games that take too long to finish are also not popular with the users. You must remember that mostly these games are being played by the users during their break time or lunch hours. So, the idea is to device the game in such a way that serves the purpose of the players and is completed in a short span of time.

If you are working on the animation and games development, there is another reason as to why should you turn to the online game development. This is because these games also allow an accurate tracking of the popularity of the games. It would be easily done by checking the user statistics and knowing the games which are most played and thus liked by the users. Thus, the flash game developing is not only popular but also very effective in making your website an instant hit amongst the users!